Xploration Outer Space (2017)

I was interviewed for the educational television series Xploration Outer Space with host Emily Dawn Calandrelli, field correspondant for Bill Nye Saves the World. The episode was titled Lost in Space and aired in October of 2017 as episode 7 of season 4. Bryan Chan and myself represented our team and told the story of our high altitude weather balloon experiment launched from the Grand Canyon that was lost and then recovered two years later. Our YouTube video from this project went viral, leading to over 7 million views on YouTube and interviews with CNN, CBC, BBC, and others.

See the the full episode here. More information about the project can be found here.

Bay Area Science Festival / Tested Live Show (2016)

In March of 2016, the Night Crew Labs team (which includes myself) began a project with famed science communicator and former Mythbuster Adam Savage and his team at Tested.com. The goal was a collaborative high altitude balloon flight over the city of San Francisco. Footage from the flight was released as a YouTube video and the project was presented at the Tested Live Show at the Castro Theater in San Francisco as part of the 2016 Bay Area Science Festival.

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The Night Crew Labs team with Adam Savage. From right to left is Bryan Chan, Ashish Goel, Adrien Perkins, Adam Savage, Tyler Reid, and Corey Snyder. Not shown is Paul Tarantino.

Night Crew Labs (2015-Present)

A group of fellow students and I had a common interest in space and exploration and started Night Crew Labs as a home for our high altitude balloon and other projects. Our aim is to showcase the beauty of Earth from rarely seen perspectives, conduct scientific research, and promote STEM outreach. Our projects have resulted in changing the way in which some cell phones implement their GPS, allowing them to work at high altitudes, to viral videos on YouTube and Auroral research in Alaska. Our most famous video has over 7 million views on YouTube and gained much media attention, including interviews with CNN, CBC, BBC, and others. Please see our Night Crew Labs website for more on these projects.

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Image of Monterey Bay, CA from an altitude of 90,000ft taken during our San Francisco flight.